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June 2014

ATS Celebrates at Israel Parade


  • Tune in to the Technion
  • Technion Alums Invent Scanner that Counts Calories
  • Life Changing Technology for the Disabled
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May 2014

Pioneers Mission Deepens Connections

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April 2014

"Cool Technologies" from the Technion


  • Stealthy Periscope Stays Beneath the Waves
  • ATS "Pioneers" enjoying MIssion
  • A Busy Year and Another Honor for Dan Shechtman
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March 2014

Smart Devices for Disabled


  • Students Create Traffic Jam to Expose Cyber Flaw
  • Surgucal Sealant Nears Commercialization
  • Technion to Host Prestigious Space Program
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February 2014

The Students are Coming!


  • Pillcam Approved
  • China and Israel, Good Together
  • Recognition for Technion Professors
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January 2014

Technion Welcomes Shimon Peres


  • Engineering for the Benefit of Society
  • Israel Prize to Technion Professor
  • Apple Acquires Another Technion-related Start-up
  • Houston to Haifa

December 19,  2013

Dignitaries Sign Historic 99-Year Lease in NYC

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November 21,  2013

Technion Lights Up Holiday Season


  • Technion Breakthrough in DNA decoding
  • Technion, Weizmann, and Michigan U. put heads together
  • ReWalk join Time Magazine's best of list

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October 3,  2013

Technion's Global Reach


  • Technion Goes to China
  • New Milestone for Technion-Cornell
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August 6,  2013

Artificial Skin That's Close to the Real Thing


  • TV interview with heads of NYC Tech Campus 
  • Technion coming to Tel Aviv
  • Multidisciplinary science at its best
  • Engineering with a social conscience
  • Two opportunities to visit the Technion
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June 27, 2013

Technion Nobel Laureate Speaks at the U.N.


  • The Chinese Connection 
  • Baton in One Hand, Scroll in the Other
  • Technion Classroom in Your Living Room
  • Blogging on a sunny afternoon in Israel
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June 2013

Expedition to Spain and Israel a Great Success


  • Live from the Technion... It's the Honorary Degree Cermonies  
  • More Kudos for Mel Bloom
  • Bon Voyage to Mission Participants

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May 2013

Irwin Jacobs Honored with Technion Medal


  • And the Harvey Prize Goes to...
  • Israeli Dates: A Life Saver
  • The Link Between Health and Air Pollution
  • Bon Voyage to Mission Participants


Technion Campus

April 2013

Technion Leads Global Innovation


  • Training a New Breed of Engineers
  • New Device Advances Photonics Technology
  • Technion Hosts High-Level Business Delegation
  • Iron Clad for Israel
  • Stay Tuned

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March 2013

Technion to be on Display for Obama visit

January 2013

New Fertility Finding
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November 2012

We Stand With Israel

October 2012

Technion Ingenuity Awarded Again

Taub Science and Tech Center

August 2012

Good News Keeps Coming!

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June 25, 2012

ATS Mission is a Success



June 4, 2012

Technion Tops the Tech List


  • Everybody Loves A Parade
  • Breakthrough In Heart Disease
  • Neddle-Less Blood Test
  • Google Alert!
  • Technion USA Online
  • Mission Underway
Tech campus rendering

May 2012

Technion Hits the Radiowaves

  • More TCII News
  • Technion's ReWalk Makes History
  • Best Humanoid Robot
  • And the Winner is...For $30 Million


March 2012

Technion Makes Cyberspace Safer

  • Alumni Get Inside Scoop
  • More on the NYC tech campus
  • ATS Customizes Your Mission Trip
  • Ambassador Dennis Ross Headlines Dinner
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February 2012

A Greener World

A Tu B' shvat message from the ATS, plus:

  • 2012 Student Delegation
  • Technion Professors Headline AIPAC Conference
  • Join the 2012 ATS Mission to Israel
  • Order Your Technion T-Shirt today

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December 2011 

Technion Comes to New York City

Technion and Cornell Partnership Wins the New York Tech Campus Competition


Nobel Prize winner, Dan Shechtman

November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from the American Technion Society!

Also: Stockholm Calling; Microsoft Sets Up Shop at the Technion; New Investment in Alzheimer's Disease Drug; Old World Splendors, New World Solutions 2012 Mission to St. Petersburg and Israel; Help the Technion, Receive Great Benefits.



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October 2011

Technion Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

The Technion and Cornell University team-up to build a groundbreaking high-tech campus in NYC.




August 2011

Technion Tops in Computer Science

Also: A Journey of a Lifetime:

  • ATS Mission to St. Petersburg and Israel
  • Technion, Talmud, and Technology
  • Technion Graduates Help Protect Israel
  • Calling All Technion Alumni!
  • Help the Technion, Recieve Great Benefits
Shimon Peres, Israel President

July 2011

Israel President Shimon Peres Meets Mission Group

Also: A Technion Annex in the Big Apple?;Have you Heard?


May 2011

Twitter, Facebook, Linked In

Also: Check Out our YouTube Channel; New Blog Puts Spotlight on Life at the Technion; Get Attention with a New Technion T-Shirt!


March 2011

Technion Graduate Speaks of "Nightmare" in Japan

Also: Mission Update: President Shimon Peres to host ATS Mission; Haifa Calling; FREE Webinar on Innovative Fat Removal; Technion Alumnus Heads Faculty of Architecture.

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February 2011

And the Answer is: the Technion!

Also: Forever Young, Stirring the Sea, Technion Engineers without Borders, Smart Planning.

Lior Gepstein

January 2011

Personalized Treatment of Heart Disease

Also: Go TeAMS!, Israel Aerospace Industries Invests $1 Million in the Technion, Visit Le Marals During Our Spring Mission, Technion Honors Researcher Who Discovered New Form of Matter, Receive 2010 Tax Benefits in 2011.


December 2010

On the Power Track

Also: It's Back: The Charitable IRA, Robotic Suit: A Miracle for the New Year, One Man's Quest to Treat Brain Diseases .


November 2010

Happy Hanukkah from the American Technion Society!

Also: Pomegranate Juice Helps Dialysis Patients, Realistic 3D Avatars, the Easy Way, Prime Minister Awards Prize for Initiatives and Innovation, See Innovation, Be Illuminated, Benefits of Giving.

Prof. Arie Admon with his research team.

October 2010

Cancer detection from a drop of blood

Also: EU taps Technion airport security research experts, Paris (and Israel) in the Springtime, Professor Yitzhak Apeloig inducted as AAAS fellow, Help yourself and Israel and save on your income taxes!

Dr. Orian Video

September 2010

Fruit Flies Provide Cancer-Fighting Clues

Also: How I Spent My Summer, Paris (and Israel) in the Springtime, Technion Alum in New York Times Op-ed Column, Do you want to help the Technion and also reduce your tax burden?

2010 Rosh Hashana New Year Card

August 2010

Happy New Year

Also: Start-Up University, Inspiration from the Lab, Power Plant, Discovery Week, Do you want to help the Technion's brilliant researchers?


July 2010

Special Delivery System Targets Tumors

Also: The "Trojan Horse" of Cancer Fighters, Technion Student Wins Prestigious Google Fellowship, What I Did this Summer: Maryland Students Finish Technion Internship, Haifa's Rich History in Photos, Do you want to help the Technion but are concerned about the economy?

Nancy and Stephen Grand with Prof. Gidi Grader, head of the GTEP

June 2010

We have successfully completed our $1 billion SHAPING ISRAEL’S FUTURE campaign

Also: Energy Program Powered Up, Report from Israel, Big Bang Theory Could Use Some Tweaks, Touch Screens for Less, Do you have unwanted property that you would like to give to the Technion?

Stem Cells "Born" at the Technion Get New Life

May 2010

Stem Cells "Born" at the Technion Get New Life

Also: Worm "Menorahs" May Repair Brains, Technion Teams Tops in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Pendulum-Launched Basketball Wins 2010 TechnoBrain Competition.

moussa youdim

April 2010

Yom Ha'atzmaut and New Alzheimer's Drug

Also: New Hope for Victims of Alzheimer's Disease, 3D Underwater Images Clear as Day, Technion as Center for Art?, Yitzhak Apeloig Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Israeli Innovation Weekend in Boston.

March 2010

New from the Technion!

Also: The American Technion Society wishes you a Happy Passover!, Elderly Sleep Apnea Patients Rest Easier, Technion Among the World’s Best Universities, For a New Look at Biology, Call an Engineer, ATS Presidents Honored, Good News from Capitol Hill.

Professor Karl Skorecki

February 2010

Risk for Kidney Disease May Be in the Genes

Also: Risk for Kidney Disease May Be in the Genes, Technion Students Present Aerospace Innovations, Technion Lauds 2009 Harvey Prize Laureates, The Science of Summer: High School Edition, Shaping Israel's Future: Technion 2010 ATS Mission to Israel: June 1-11, 2010.

Technion Professor Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor

January 2010

Technion Signs First Scientific Agreement with Japan

Also: Technion Signs First Scientific Agreement with Japan, One Scientist's Path to Discovery, Annual Dean and Student Tour Kicks off in February, Shaping Israel's Future: Technion 2010.

Gad Rennert (sm)

December 2009

Encouraging Findings in Breast Cancer Research

Also: The Little Copter That Could, Technion Design to Propel Israeli Satellite Industry, Make a Positive Impact on Israel.

Prof. Marcelle machluf

November 2009

Cancer Drugs Directly to Tumor

Also: Silicon-Air Battery: Light and Almost Infinite. See What We Discovered, Smart Giving.


October 2009

Sleep Technology on List of Top Ten Medical Innovations for 2010

Also: Scientists Create Heart Cells from Skill Cells, International School Students Create Video, National Board Meeting in Detroit, Nobel Laureates Are Past Harvey Prize Recipients.


Peretz Lavie

September 2009

Technion, ATS Welcome New Presidents

Also: Eating Dates Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Irwin and Joan Jacobs Dedicate New Sculpture, Yitzhak Apeloig to Receive Prestigious Prize, Technion Graduate Wins Young Scholar Award.


Dr. Hossam Haick

August 2009

Electronic Nose Sniffs Out Kidney Diseases

Also: Summer Science Experience; International school of Engineering Opens; Outstanding Young Researcher; Send a Rosh Hashana Card; Discovery 2009 Mission.

micro robot

July 2009

Robot Can Crawl Through Human Body

Also: Mikvah Water Project; Merage-Technion Institute for International Business to Open; Discovery 2009 Mission.

Apeloig and Peretz

June 2009

A Good Night's sleep

Also: Another Reason to Visit Haifa and the Technion; Odyssey Mission; Tweet All About it.


May 2009

Pope Presented with Nano-Bible

Also: Building a Better Blend of Tumor-Fighting Cells; Student Propels Missile with Water, Wins Top Prize; Coming Soon To a Community Near You.

Timor Baasov

April 2009

Fighting Genetic Diseases with Antibiotics

Also: U.N. Ambassador Lauds Technion; Technion Professor in Israeli Cabinet; Technion's Next President; Prestigious Harvey Prize 


February 2009

Another Benefit of Green Tea

Technion Holds Its Own Inauguration; Students Gaza Experience;  Technion Wins Prestigious Award; Microsoft to Buy Israeli Virtual Reality Company

 Klar 100

January 2009

Detecting Tunnels with Fiberoptics

Also: New and Improved ATS Site Launched; Stem Cells Could be Used for Personalized Cancer Treatment

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December 2008

Moving Forward With Energy and Vision

Also: Recycling Energy from Roads (pictured left); New Technion Lab to Host Satellite Flight Research; Israel Innovations in '08

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November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the ATS!

Also: Technion Dedicates Green Space; One More Reaseon to Support the Technion; Tapping the Brainpower Well; IBM Rents More Space Near the Technion

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October 2008 

Technion Supporter Awarded in White House

Also: A Suture Solution; Technion Cracks Top 200; Congree Reinstates Tax-Free IRA Giving; Israel Economy News

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September 2008

L'Shana Tova from the ATS!

Also: Snoring is Good; Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity; MBA Program Switches to English 



  August 2008

The Evolution of Snake Fangs

Also: "Electronic Nose" Developer Wins Award, Technion, Fulbright Team Up; Saving Time and Money for the IDF; Israel Economy News


June 2008

Bees and People Not So Different?

Also: Heroic Student Graduates; Parkinson's Drug Stymies Disease;
Mission a Success, NY Times Columnist Cites Technion

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May 2008

Celebrating Israel

Special 60th Birthday Newsletter

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 April 2008

Happy Passover!

Also: No Internet? No Problem; Less than One Month till Israel's 60th; Nobel Symposium on Your Desktop

nobel symposium

March 2008

Nobelists to Congregate at the Technion

Also: Technion-aided Startups in the News; We Want Your Words; The First Gift to the Technion; 2008 Mission