Technion Prof. Dan Shechtman Awarded 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

In a Nobel Prize Awards ceremony full of pomp and circumstance, Technion Professor Dan Shechtman received the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. The event in the Stockholm Concert Hall took place Saturday, December 10.

After the ceremony, Prof. Shechtman attended a formal banquet held at Stockholm’s City Hall in honor of the new Nobel laureates and their guests. The laureates were seated with members of the Royal Family at a table of honor in the center of the room, and each honoree addressed the 1,300 guests in attendance.

Nobel Prize Presentation Handshake 
 Prof. Dan Shechtman receives the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry from King Carl XVI Gustaf

“Science is the ultimate tool to reveal the laws of nature, and the one word written on its banner is TRUTH,” said Prof. Shechtman at the close of his address. “The laws of nature are neither good nor bad. It is the way in which we apply them to our world that makes the difference.

It is therefore our duty as scientists to promote education, rational thinking and tolerance. We should also encourage our educated youth to become technological entrepreneurs. Those countries that nurture this knowhow will survive future financial and social crises. Let us advance science to create a better world for all.”

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is consistently ranked among the world's leading science and technology universities.  Home to three of Israel’s five winners of the Nobel Prize in science, the Technion commands a worldwide reputation for its pioneering work in computer science, nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, water-resource management, medicine, drug development, and aerospace.  Headquartered in New York City, the American Technion Society (ATS) promotes scientific and technological research and education at the Technion.


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