Launching Missiles with Drinking Water at the Annual Dr. Bob Shillman TechnoBrain Competition

Propelled only by pressurized drinking water, student-built missiles soared above the Technion campus during the latest installment of the "Dr. Bob Shillman TechnoBrain" competition. Contestants were challenged to launch a 1.5-liter volume body using a pre-defined air pressure. The competition took place on April 22.

Using three criteria the weight of the body propelled, the time the bottle remained airborne, and aspects of elegance and creativity the competition judges scrutinized a myriad of entries with monikers that included “Bakbuktus," "Victoria" and "Superman."

Results were tallied after two hours of launching and relaunching, with this year’s top prize going to Alexei Radomsky, a student in the Technion’s pre-academic preparatory program.  Radomsky, who immigrated to Israel with his family in 2000, built the winning entry with help from his father, Valery.

The Dr. Bob Shillman Technobrain competition is held annually in memory of the late Neev-Ya Durban, the promising aerospace engineering student and IDF officer who created the competition. Durban was murdered in Tel Aviv in March 2003.


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