Technion and Yale School of Management Collaborate on Anti-Terror Research

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and the Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut have received a $1.3 million gift from Daniel Rose - chairman of New York-based real estate organization Rose Associates, Inc., a member of the Yale Class of 1951, and a member of the Technion International Board of Governors - to establish a three-year partnership to conduct homeland security and counterterrorism research.

The Rose gift will bring together top researchers from the Technion and Yale School of Management to develop sophisticated techniques to identify terrorists' whereabouts; determine how best to allocate anti-terror resources; and study the strengths and weaknesses of human intelligence when compared to technology-based anti-terror efforts. It will also support the exchange of doctoral and post-doc researchers between the two universities.

"This investment by Daniel Rose is a clear endorsement of the world-class research being conducted at the Technion - and of the importance of that research to the global community," said Technion President Professor Yitzhak Apeloig. "The unique combination of our strong anti-terror research and the problem-solving and management-based approach for which the Yale School of Management is known holds great promise for a safer - and more integrated - world."

Yale University President Richard C. Levin said, "We are pleased to be a research partner with Technion on a subject of such profound importance to our global society."

The Yale-Technion partnership builds on existing collaboration among the investigators while promoting further synergy between these leading Israeli and American institutions. The principal investigators are Boaz Golany, Dean and Samuel Gorney Professor of Engineering in the William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion; Abraham Marmur, Director of the Technion Center for Security Science and Technology, and the Albert and Anne Mansfield Professor of Water Science and Technology; Uriel Rothblum, the Alexander Goldberg Professor of Management Science at the Technion; and Edward H. Kaplan, the William N. and Marie A. Beach Professor of Management Sciences, Professor of Public Health, and Professor of Engineering at Yale.

"This partnership to study the mechanics of terrorism brings together Israel, a country that is pre-eminent in the areas of security and anti-terror, and the U.S., which is needy in these areas," said Rose. "It is also a way, I think, to let people know the U.S. and its top universities like Yale are happy to collaborate with the Technion and other world-class universities in Israel."

The gift will also help sponsor sessions at international research conferences, develop a seminar in homeland security and counterterrorism operations at Yale, and provide seed funding for faculty aimed at encouraging research in this area.

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