Teaching and Student Facilities in Rappaport Faculty of Medicine (Priority 1+)
Naming of the Department of Education in Technology and Science (Priority 1+)
Renovation of Meyer Auditorium (Priority 1)
Facilities in the Emerson Family Life Sciences Building (Priority 1+)
The Community Center in the Stanley Shalom Zielony Graduate Student Village (Priority 1+)
Technion Recycling Initiative (Priority 1)
The Technion Integrated Cancer Center Wing (Priority 1)
Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC) (Priority 1)
Scholarships and Fellowships in the Technion International School (Priority 1)
First Steps Program (Priority 1+)
Distinguished Academic Chair (Priority 1+)
The M.D./Ph.D. Medical Scientist Program (Priority 1)
Technion Technological Education Program for the Ultra-Orthodox Sector (Priority 1)
ASABE International 1/4-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition (Priority 2)
Lapidim Scholarships (Priority 1)
The Technion Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Project (Priority 1)
The Process Control Teaching Laboratory in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Priority 1)
Mathematics Center for Talented Youth at the Technion (Priority 1)
Laboratory Facilities in the Technion International School (Priority 1)
The 2016 International Space University Space Studies Program (Priority 1)
Undergraduate Student Village (Priority 1+)
Facilities in the Stephen and Nancy Grand Water Research Institute (Priority 1)
Engineer and Educator (E&E) Program: Technion Graduates Teach (Priority 1)
The Design, Build, Fly (DBF) Laboratory (Priority 1)
Graduate Student Office Complex in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Priority 1)
Research Laboratories for New Faculty Members in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Priority 1)
Laboratory Complex for New Technion Faculty (Priority 1)
Academic Counseling Program for Discharged Soldiers with Learning Disabilities (Priority 1)
Facilities in the Henry and Marilyn Taub and Family Science and Technology Center (Priority 1+)
SciTech Scholarship Fund (Priority 1)
Projects in the Center for Pre-university Education (PUC) (Priority 1)
Mediterranean Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering Graduate Program (Priority 1)
Assistive Technology Research Fund for Physically Challenged People (Priority 1)
Architecture Studio Pavilion (Priority 1)
Biology Teaching Complex (Priority 1)
Technion Mechina Program for Druze Students
Ofakim (Priority 2)
Renovation and Naming of the Auditorium in the Visitors Center (Priority 1)
Renovation of the Parkinson's Disease Research Laboratory (Priority 1)
Cell and Developmental Biology Complex (Priority 1)
The Autonomous Medical Systems Center (Priority 1)
Undergraduate Scholarship Fund (Priority 3)
Second Chance Scholarships Within the Velva G. and H. Fred Levine Second Chance Scholarship Program (Priority 1)
Merit Scholarship Program (Priority 1)
Technion Engineers Without Borders Program (Priority 2)
Facilities in the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Mechanical Engineering Building (Priority 1+)
Hadar Terrace and Hadar Goldin Scholarship in Memory of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin (Priority 1)
Nanophotonics Research Fund for Advanced Light Detection and Sensing (Priority 1)
Quantum Science, Matter and Engineering (Priority 1)
The Technion Data Center (Priority 1)
New Life Sciences Multipurpose Research Building (Priority 1)
Facilities in the Asher Space Research Institute (Priority 1)
Undergraduate Student Village Traffic Circle (Priority 1+)
Distinguished Visiting Professor Chair (Priority 1+)
Creative Design Laboratory (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) (Priority 1)
Biomedical Resource Core Facility (Priority 1+)
Renovation of Advanced Teaching Laboratories in the Faculty of Physics (Priority 1)
Renovation of the First Floor (Faculty of Education in Technology and Science) (Priority 1)
Computer Center Renovation (Priority 1)
Cafeteria in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Priority 1)
Facilities in the Yitzhak Rabin Civil Engineering Building (Priority 1+)
Re-equipping the Computer Center (Priority 1)
Renovation of Student Study Spaces/Library (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) (Priority 1)
Renovation and Upgrading of Infrastructure and Equipment in the Faculty of Chemistry (Priority 1)
PeKa Gallery, Exhibitions and Events Fund (Priority 1)
Lounge in the Faculty of Computer Science (Priority 1)
Naming of the School for STEM (Center for Pre-university Education) (Priority 1+)
Upgrading the Wind Tunnels Project (Priority 1)
Language Cluster in the Enrichment Program (Priority 1)
Arts Cluster in the Enrichment Program (Priority 1)
Graduate Student Assistance Fund for Women at the Technion (Priority 1)
Jewish Studies Cluster in the Enrichment Program (Priority 3)
The Allen and Jewel Prince Center for Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Brain (Priority 1)
Urgent Security-Related Projects (Priority 1+)
Postdoctoral Fellowships (Priority 1)
Research Fund for Revealing the Cause of Sepsis in Neonates - Prof. Roy Kishony (Priority 1)
The Cybersecurity Research and Teaching Program (Priority 1+)
President's Discretionary Fund (Priority 1+)
Fellowships, Master's and Doctoral (Priority 1+)
Stanley Shalom Zielony Graduate Student Village (Priority 1+)
Technion Center of Excellence in Environmental Health (Priority 1+)
Naming of the Faculty of Computer Science (Priority 1+)
Career Advancement Chair (Priority 1+)
Naming of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Priority 1+)
Electron Microscopy Center for Nanomaterials (Priority 1+)
Naming of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Priority 1+)
Visiting Professor Chair (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering) (Priority 1+)
ReWalk receives FDA approval, clearing the way for U.S. sales
"Space Elevators" reach for the sky in Technion creativity competition
Naming of Classrooms in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Priority 1+)
Cell's Cleaning Mechanism Rebounds after Temporary Stress Episodes
"Virtual periscope" sees above-surface/airborne objects from underwater
Technion's Harvey Prize Awarded to Professors Paul B. Corkum and Jon M. Kleinberg
Distinguished Professor Dan Shechtman Elected into American Academy of Arts and Sciences
The Leaders of the Future Program for Ethiopian High School Students (Priority 1)
Food Innovation Center (Priority 1)
Breakthrough Technology Can Repair Severe Tissue Damage
Jeffrey Richard to Lead American Technion Society
Free Online Software Helps Speed Up Genetic Discoveries
Stage 1 of HyVTech: Technion's Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Project (Priority 1)
Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute Launches the Runway Program, a New Model for Postdoctoral Entrepreneurs
Unlocking the Brain's Secrets Using Sound
Prof. Mordechai Segev to Receive Israel Prize
Symposium Showcases Technion Partnership with University of Michigan, Weizmann Institute
Building a World-Class Tech Team
Cornell NYC Tech Launches Connective Media Degree at its Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute
Technion Goes to China With $130M from Li Ka Shing Foundation
Technion Alum Named One of World's Top Young Innovators
Inorganic Drug Discovery Laboratory (Priority 1)
Technion Opens New Campus in Tel Aviv
Breakthrough could lead to "artificial skin" that senses touch, humidity and temperature
Technion Opens Doors for Chinese Students
Professional Development Program (Priority 1)
Technion Bar/Bat Mitzvah Student Support Fund (Priority 1)
Global Engineering Center (Priority 1)
Technion Scientists Develop Advanced Biological Computer
Qualcomm Co-Founder Awarded the Technion Medal
Harvey Prize Awarded to MIT and UC Berkeley Professors
Center for Integrated Armor Research (Priority 1)
Green Campus Project (Priority 1)
Undergraduate Student Laboratory in the High-Speed Digital Systems Laboratory (Priority 1)
Academia, Industry Converge for First Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute Workshop
Renovation of Churchill Auditorium (Priority 1)
Medical School Academic Programs: Young Clinical Investigator Startup Fund (Priority 1)
Technion Campus Walk (Priority 1)
The Lung Cancer Artificial Olfactory System (LCAOS) Laboratory (Priority 2)
Center of Excellence in Microsystems (Priority 1)
Naming of the Technion International School (Priority 1)
Enhancement of Student Life in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning (Priority 2)
Technion to Launch First "Massive Online Open Course" (MOOC) in Arabic
Two Technion Professors Elected to National Academy of Engineering
Improved Decoding of DNA for Custom Medical Treatments
Fund for Student Travel to International Competitions (Priority 1)
Technion Among World's Top 100 Universities
A breakthrough in inhalation masks for infants
ATS Leaders Receive High Honors at Technion International Board of Governors Meeting
Highlights: ATS Expedition to Spain and Israel
Sea Squirt Helps Solve Century-Old Puzzle
Joan and Irwin Jacobs Announce $133-Million Naming Gift for the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute
Technion scientists develop first photonic topological insulators to protect transport of light
President Obama to be Presented with Nano-Sized Declarations of Independence
Upgrading the Registration and Admissions Center (Priority 1)
Technion Ingenuity On Display During Obama Israel Visit
Technion's Influence Seen, Heard at AIPAC Policy Conference 2013
Holographic Technique Could Lead to Bionic Vision
The Impressive Aerial Maneuvers of the Pea Aphid
Seminar Room in the Lore Ross Nanotechnology Laboratories Complex in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Priority 1)
Undergraduate Student Lounge in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Priority 1)
Nobel Laureate Delivers First Apeloig Lectureship
Amniotic Sac Membrane Could be Source for Human Eggs
Sleep Apnea May Offer Unusual Protection for Heart Attack Patients
Technion President's Historic First Visit to Cornell NYC Tech Chelsea Campus
Iron Dome: Technion Brainpower Keeping Israel Safe
Nanoceramics Research Laboratory in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Priority 1)
Technion Breakthrough: A New Chapter of Solar Energy Conversion and Storage?
Scaffold Created from Pig Tissue Could Help Rebuild Hearts
A Half-Billion Dollars Worth of Innovation for the World
The Built Environment: Focus of the final Technion-Cornell Joint Workshop
Research Fund to Study Tissue Regeneration by Implantation of Vascularized Engineered Tissue Constructs (Priority 3)
Scott Leemaster Named National President of American Technion Society
Cornell Tech Begins Land Use Review for Roosevelt Island Campus, Releases New Renderings
Technion International Partnerships Yield Major Grants
Entrepreneurial "Dream Team" to Guide Growth of Cornell NY Tech, home of Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute
Second Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute Workshop Takes Place
Renovation of Lewis Auditorium (Priority 1)
Technion Ranked Among World's Top Computer Science Universities
Engineered Pancreatic Tissues Could Lead to Better Transplants for Diabetics
Technion Scientists Play Key Role in Discovery of "God Particle"
New Book Chronicles Technion's Transformative Influence on Israel and the World
Equipment for the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering (FUNDED)
Endowed Fund for Conferences, Seminars, and Guest Lectures (Priority 1)
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Sports Activity Fund (Priority 1)
Enhancing a Classroom in the Fischbach Building (Priority 1)
Main Entrance to the Technion (Priority 1+)
The Philip E. Klein Awards to Students on the President's List (Priority 1)
ATS Mission Highlights High-Tech Nation
Technion Researchers ID Cluster of Genes in Blood that Predict Parkinson's
Ex-Twitter Exec Tapped for New Tech Campus
New Microscope May Take the "Ouch" Out Of Blood Tests
Heart patients' skin cells turned into healthy heart muscle cells
Technion and Cornell set up shop at Google
2007 Winner of Technion's BizTEC Competition Acquired for $30-40M
Novel Respiratory Monitor for Premature Babies Ready for FDA Review
Treating Cancer as a Chronic Disease
Harvey Prize Awarded to Prof. Judea Pearl and Sir Richard Friend
Stem Cell Innovation Jump-Starts Circulation
Breakthrough could lead to healthier clear beverages, new cancer treatments
Technion Professor Craig Gotsman Appointed Founding Director of the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute
Ladostigil Enters Phase II Clinical Trial for Alzheimer's
New York-Based American Technion Society Exceeds Fundraising Goals
Apple Takes a Bite out of Israel
Mayor Bloomberg, Cornell, and the Technion Announce Historic Partnership to Build a New Applied Sciences Campus
Technion Grad to Head Apple's First Offshore R&D Center
Technion Prof. Dan Shechtman Awarded 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Technion Researchers Find New Way to Charge Solar Cell Materials
$3m Raised for Alzheimer's Drug
Microsoft establishes first university-based research center in Israel
Cornell and the Technion will partner in groundbreaking NYC Tech Campus
A $30M Commitment to Technion
Technion Scientist Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Technion Students Create Application that "Writes" Books
Extreme Conditions Laboratory (Priority 1)
Technion Among World's Top Computer Science Universities
Technion Providing High-Tech Education, Opportunities to Ultra-Orthodox Population
Naming the Nanomaterial-based Devices Laboratory (Priority 1)
Technion to Head Israeli Center of Excellence for Alternative Energy
$2.16 Million for Technion Satellite Research
AIAA Student Design/Build/Fly Competition (Priority 2)
Clinical Chair in Medicine (Priority 2)
Civil and Environmental Engineering Self-study Center (Priority 1)
Technion Hosts World's Longest Yo-Yo Competition
Leading Companies Find "Best of the Best" at Technion Job Fair
Scientific, Business Luminaries Converge for Launch of Israel's Largest Computer Engineering Center
Fermentation Laboratory (Priority 1)
Technion Springboard Program (Priority 2)
Computer Science Research Institute at the Technion (CSRIT) (Priority 1)
Renovating and Roofing the Outdoor Multipurpose Sports Court (Priority 1)
Nanometer-scale layers between materials have both solid and liquid characteristics
Support of the "Dynamic Campus" Competition
Cancer on the Breath? The Nose Knows
American Technion Society Mourns the Loss of Henry Taub
Unique Phonathon: Israeli Students Call U.S. Supporters
Common Bone Drugs May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
Technion Gets $5M Grant from Helmsley Trust for Super Battery
Technion researchers discover way to reverse immune system aging
Patient-Derived Stem Cells Could Help Test Cardiac Disease Treatments
Two-Day Symposium Honors Work of Prof. Daniel Shechtman
Tiny Creatures are Big Players in Ocean Mixing
Technion, Israel Aerospace Industries cooperate on autonomous systems research
Harvesting Energy from Passing Trains
Robotic Suit: A Miracle for the New Year
One Man's Quest to Treat Brain Diseases
Making 3D Avatars the Easy Way
Technion Hosts Prime Minister's Prize Ceremony
Pomegranate Juice Could Help Dialysis Patients
Technion granted $4.7 M grant from European Union for Airport Security
Researchers Tap New Source of Cancer Markers in Blood
Former Technion President Yitzhak Apeloig Inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Finding Israel's New Heroes In The Lab
Power Plants Could One Day Be Plant-Powered
"Trojan Horse" Delivery System Attacks Cancer Cells from Inside
$20 Million Gift Helps Technion Become an Energy Innovation Leader
ATS Successfully Completes $1 Billion Campaign
Big Bang Theory Could Use Some Tweaks
Graphene production could mean advanced touchscreens, more
Stem Cells "Born" at the Technion Get New Life
Worms Provide Clues About How Neurons Form Menorahs
Pendulum-Launched Basketball Wins 2010 TechnoBrain Competition
Yitzhak Apeloig Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Comprehensive Alzheimer's Drug is Licensed
3D Underwater Images Made Possible by Flickering Sunbeams
Good News for Elderly Sleep Apnea Sufferers
Stealth UAV, Lunar Elevator Among Student-Developed Projects
Genetic Factors Can Help Predict Risk for Kidney Disease
Technion Breakthrough Could Change Sampling Technology Forever
Technion Researchers Develop Faster, Smarter Rocket Engine
Micro Helicopter Could Be Used by Law Enforcement Agencies
Bone Drugs Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Cancer-Fighting Drugs Delivered Right to the Tumor
Silicon-Air Battery: Non-stop Power for Thousands of Hours
Technion Scientists Create Heart Cells from Skin Cells
Technion-developed Sleep Technology Named to List of Top Ten Medical Innovations for 2010
Love of Art and of Science Unite at Technion
Joel Rothman Elected National President of American Technion Society
Peretz Lavie Appointed New Technion President
Dates Join List of Fruits that Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease
Technion President Yitzhak Apeloig to Receive Chemical Society Prize
Electronic Nose Can Diagnose Lung Cancer in Breath Samples Using Gold Nanoparticles
Marine Viruses May Contribute to Ocean Energy
Technion Opens International School of Engineering
Electronic Nose Can Sniff Out Kidney Diseases in Breath Samples
Lend a Helping Hand: Support the Technion's Revolving Bookstore (Priority 2)
Mikveh Water Project Brings Together Religion, Science and Environment
Merage-Technion Institute for International Business to Open
Robot Can Crawl Through Human Body
Calatrava Provides Another Reason to Visit Haifa, Israel
Technion Scientists: Explosive Favored by Terrorists has More Forms than Previously Thought
Building A Better Blend of Tumor-Fighting Cells
Pope Presented with Nano Bible
Launching Missiles with Drinking Water at the Annual Dr. Bob Shillman TechnoBrain Competition
Antibiotics Could Treat Cystic Fibrosis, Other Genetic Diseases
American Technion Society Mourns Loss of William Davidson
Asher Space Research Institute Building Dedicated at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Roads, Rails and Runways Turn Traffic Into Electricity
FAQ's About CGA's
International Scientific Exchange Program (Conference Fund for Graduate Students) (Priority 1)
Institute for Advanced Studies in Theoretical Chemistry (Priority 2)
New Chemistry-Biology Library (Priority 2)
Stem Cells Could be Used for Personalized Cancer Treatment
Researchers Can Detect Tunnel Excavation With Fiber Optic Cables
Charitable Gift Annuity Rates to Decrease February 1, 2009
Complex Fluids, Microstructure and Macromolecules Center (Priority 3)
Recycling Energy From Roads
Upgrading Two Teaching Laboratories (Physics and Biology) in the Science Teaching Laboratory Complex (Priority 1)
Technion Researchers Observe Magnus Effect in Light for First Time
Vitamin E Could Help 40% of Diabetics Ward Off Heart Attacks
Gift of the Month: Charitable Gift Annuities
New Nanofibers Developed by Technion Researchers May Lead to Scar-Free Healing
Technion Cracks Top 200 in Times Rankings
Special Alert
Andrew Viterbi Awarded National Medal of Science
Elderly Sleep Apnea Sufferers May Live Longer
Delaying a Critical Growth Spurt Can Lead to Short Stature
Gift of the Month: Charitable Bequest
Technion Launches English-Only MBA Program
Technion Scientist Named One of World's "Top Young Innovators"
New Insights into the Evolution of Snake Fangs
Marketable Securities: A Versatile Type of Planned Gift
National Board of Directors Meeting
Planned Giving Mission
2009 National Board of Directors Meeting
2009 Founders Mission to Athens and Israel
Technion International Board of Governors Meeting
National Board of Directors Meeting
National Board of Directors Meeting
Technion-Developed Drug Could Become First to Treat Parkinson's
Time is Running Out for the Best CGA Rates
Decision-Making, Risk-Taking Similar in Bees and Humans
Peres, Barak Part of Technion Master's Degree Ceremony
Technion and Yale School of Management Collaborate on Anti-Terror Research
June 2008
Gift of the Month: Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)
Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions of Druze in Israel
Technion's Ciechanover Inducted Into National Academy of Sciences
May 2008
Legislative Update
Making Technion Fully Accessible to the Disabled (Priority 1)
Breaking News: New Charitable Gift Annuity Rates Announced
Gift of the Month: Charitable Gift Annuities
Simulating Parkinson's Disease in Goldfish Spurs New Treatments
Respiration Monitor Could Help Premature Babies
Application Finds Facebook Friends Without Internet Connection
Respiration Monitor Could Help Premature Babies
Seven Technion Researchers on EU List of 300 Top Young Scientists
Gene Mutation That Causes Blindness in Yemenite Jews Found
Israeli Companies Hire 2,000+ from Technion in One Day
Artificial Viral Shells Could Be Useful Nano-Containers
The Entire Old Testament in Hebrew on a Pinhead
A High Rise Apartment Complex With Built-in Greenhouse
American Technion Leads Fundraising for Higher Education in Israel
Vitamin E Could Help 40 Percent of Diabetics Ward Off Heart Attacks
Solar Cell-Coated Balloons Produce Electricity
New Model Eliminates More Barriers to Time Travel
"Smart" Traffic Sign Stops Collisions
Breast Cancer Survival Rates No Worse For Women With BRCA Mutations
Electric Field Therapy Halts Spread of Brain Tumors
Making Water From Thin Air
Virtual Reality Helps MS Patients Walk Better
Free Software for WiFi Connections Without Routers
Natural Milk Protein Could Lead to Super Nutritious Foods